mercredi 13 juillet 2011

Neat neat neat Podcast, une émission qui a du chien !!

Ha! Ha ! Ha ! Je rêvais de la faire celle-là...

J'donne toujours dans l'éclectisme... (aucune raison que ça change)
Hey, ho ! Let's go !!!

Vais encore me faire traiter de crétin... Bonne écoute !

Tracklisting :
Damned- Neat neat neat 7'Sanctuary records

Hatepinks- Parasites likes me-Parasites likes me EP Unity Squad records

Buzzcocks- Fast cars (live)- French I.R.S records CD

999-Concrete-Silent Anger-Concrete Albion (Virgin) records

PIL- This is not a love song- Live in Tokyo LP Virgin records

Boonaraaas- Yes i do- Thunderbaby records 7'

Maggots-I wanna be your maggot- Bad afro 7'

Cynics-Backed with hard times-7' Get hip records

Rolling stones-Somethings just stick in your mind- Metamorphosis compile decca records LP

The Inmates- Three time loser- First Offence Radar records LP

Barrence whitfield and the savages-I don't dig your noise-Ow ! OW ! OW ! LP New Rose records

Love delegation- Right now- Delegation time - Musidisc CD

The Norvins-Won't you tell me-Ballroom Bash vol 3 Soundflat records CD

King Size- Nobody told me-Another Melody/cigarette double CD Nocturne records

Royal Beat conspiracy-The Flame of love-Gala Galore CD Bad Afro records

Mistery Girls-Circles in the sand-Something in the water CD In the red records

Powder Monkeys-The supernova that never quits- Time wounds all heels Augo-go records CD

Zen Guerilla- Captain infinity- Shadows on the sun Sub pop records CD

Radio Birdman- New race (live)- Ritualism Crying sun records CD

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