mercredi 13 juillet 2011

Les Damned au pays des kangourous !!!!

Neat neat neat N°4 avec une grosse présence des forces australes...

Enjoy it or leave it !


Hellbenders-Jesus superspy- Pop rock suicide Dead beat records LP

Leather Uppers-Senorita- Okay, don't say Hi Pantsuit city records LP

Jim Jones revue- Dishonest John- Burn your house down Punk rock blues records Lp

The Zodiacs- Hoochie Coochie- EP bang! records

Hatepinks-we piss on you on the slit- kindgarten revolution- Squoodge records-EP

Texas terri-The Rocker- your lips, my ass ! LP TKO records
The Shirks- No way street-7' Windian records

The Dubrovniks- She got no love- Audio sonic love affair Normal records digipack

Exploding White Mice-Fear (late at night)-7' Festival records (limited edition)

Drugstore Spiders-Cult of personality- Ravenstone/humanbretzel records LP

Lime spiders- Mr big Mouth- 7' Omen/ Virgin records

D4-Girls- 7' Flying nuns records

The shimmys-Get off the road-Off the hip records CD

The Launderettes- Porn star- Best of Wicked cool records CD

The Cynics- Hand in hand- 7' Get hip records

Lipstick vibrators-Shivers of lack-Rockin'dogs records EP

the Vikings-Surrender- Live at Last train  Oslo 1996-Just add water records CD

Black Moses-Cut it out--emperor Deb Lunasound records CD

Tokyo Sex destruction-First day-Le red soul comunitte Bcore records CD

The Senders- Don't fuck with me-Outrageous and contagious Devil jukebox records CD

Jesse Hector and the Rock'n'roll Trio-Fast train to Memphis- Gorilla garage Cherry red records CD

the Damned-Hit or Miss- Best of The Damned Ace records LP

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