jeudi 14 juillet 2011

Joyeux Noël avec les Damned !! (2010)


*Quadrajets- 61 blues + Ain't red no more- Pay the deuce LP Estrus records 1998*

*Lipstick Vibrators - Devil in  a box- split 7 avec Postal market babies Tornado rides records*

*Devil Dogs- North Shore bitch- Big beef bonanza ! Crypts records LP*

*Demonics- Makaha- Ritual on the beach- Coldfront Cd (Alien snatch LP)*

*Supersuckers- Pretty fucked up-Motherfuckers be trippin'- Mid-fi records CD*

*Real Kids-Make it go away- 7' Tko records*

*Star Spangles- I live for speed-7' Parlophone records*

*Elektrocution- New rose- Open heart surgery, Overcome records CD*

*Ruts-Stepping Bondage-Ruts rules Vince Lombardy Highschool records CD*

*Crusaders of love- Shot to the heart- LP Never grow up, DoucheMaster records*

*Heartbeeps- My bones are tattooed- Lp deadbeat records*

*FlyinG over- Fier de déplaire- No one here gets out alive Lp Adrenalin fix music records*

*Sick Fits- New Fashion kicks- 7' Big neck records*

*Rocket From the Crypt- Cancel Christmas- Happy birthday, baby jesus vol.1 SFTRI records CD*

*Sick Fits- New fashion Kicks- Full breach kicks records CD*

*Compulsive Gamblers-Way down in the hole-Memphis chicago SFTRI records CD*

*Detonations-Victim-Static vision, Alive records CD*

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